Complexity Abounds

Is the deluge of communicating a clear cohesive brand story across so many platforms stifling in complexity?  We can help.  We specialize in collaboration on communicating a brand story, mission and services in a cohesive and engaging manner. Whether the need is beginning from scratch with a brand identity, website, branded social media sites, business cards, letterhead and branded environment. To creating one sign incorporating unique materials and your brand to represent your values.  From a consultation on how to brand a social media site to a complete exterior and interior signage and wayfinding package that communicates with your clients as soon as they reach your vicinity.  Let our diverse skillset erase that stifling feeling through collaboration on telling your brand story in both the digital and natural environments.

Listen for Core Values

Only a thorough understanding of a clients core values, beliefs, mission, goals, products and services can a successful design solution come about. Listening to our clients for key insights to their core values opens our collaborative process.  Regardless of the communication piece being developed it is essential to understand who our client is and what they hope to achieve during the design process.

Collaborate to Learn

To craft communications that are authentic to their core values, vision and mission.  The collaborative process kicks into high gear. Taking the key insights provided from the listening process. We then turn to learning how best to collaborate with our clients to develop a design solution. Through a process of asking questions, providing visual concepts, and verifying that what we heard matches the clients intent and goals.  We aid our clients in matching the communications goals and finalizing the messaging to meet the intended target audience of the communication piece or pieces.

Develop Design Solutions

Once we have a deep understanding of the clients core values, mission, products and services through listening, collaborated with the client on learning what the goals and messaging of the communication piece to be developed needs to be our collaboration moves into developing design solutions for the clients needs.  During this process is where the aesthetics of the communication are refined, what materials best suit the clients budget, values and goals and exactly what format will be the best way to reach the target audience.  This could be by informing the client when an ADA sign is essential to communicate messaging with the entire population or if an email blast will be more effective than going to the expense of a printed brochure.

A Multi-disciplinary Graphic Design firm

Stippich Design’s varied experience aids our clients in communicating a brand story, mission and their services in a cohesive and engaging manner. Across the spectrum of communication formats from signage in the environmental world to branding for social media sites, from an invitation for a special event to a unique donor recognition program. We can help alleviate that stifling feeling that comes from the complexity of creating a communication strategy in the modern world.