Complexity Abounds

Signage, a logo, social media sites, a website, business cards are a few of the deluge of communication avenues. Developing a consistent visual tone and voice among this vast array of platforms can feel daunting. Let us help mitigate that feeling: by listening to your mission, services, products, and values; working to understand what platforms and messaging your communication pieces need to address; and then collaboration on designing pieces to tell the story of your brand and communicate your message in a clear and engaging manner.

Listen for Core Values

Listening to each organization, company, or individual tell us about their history, why they do what they do, their mission and values imparts so much into how the design process proceeds, the structure of the visual language needed for the communication and the emotional underpinning of the design.

Collaborate to Learn

Developing a concept is a learning process. It takes examining visual and messaging ideas to test how they meet with your core mission, services, values and goals for the piece. The collaboration between you and our team during the discussion of concepts deepens the understanding of design priorities and how choices made during this stage will drive the overall strategy for the design to enrich your brand story.

Develop Design Solutions

Once a design concept is established. We then take that framework to evolve to finished design solutions. We collaborate to fill out the finished design aesthetic, messaging, and applying solutions to needed formats and platforms. This is where the design is brought to life.

A Multi-disciplinary Graphic Design firm

Stippich Design has collaborated with hospitals to create signage systems to navigate their campuses, with non-profit organizations on brand packages to inform about their crucial missions, developers to create unique art pieces for unexpected aesthetic experiences as a brand value, and websites for companies to display and explain their services are a few examples of the wide range of design projects we have completed. Please contact us to find out how we can collaborate on alleviating the daunting feeling of creating a consistent visual tone and voice across the myriad of communication platforms and formats that seem to multiply daily.