Meldrum Innovation Lab – University of Utah

About This Project

The Peter and Catherine Meldrum Innovation Lab is a first-of-its kind learning environment. The lab combines a wet lab, makerspace, and design hall specifically for the the needs of chemical engineering students and curriculum.


Stippich Design collaborated with the College of Engineering on the development of lab identification signage, donor recognition signage for the lab naming, areas within the lab and donor wall.


The development phase focused on the identification of the lab area signage. The identification needed to be located down the hall from the entrance into the lab and in a somewhat confined space. How to apply University of Utah brand guidelines to identification and recognition was addressed as well. A solution of using red backplates painted University of Utah red that had informational laser cut elements made it so signage would function both in horizontal and vertical layouts, it allowed for maximizing limited space and created a distinction between pieces of information.


The design phase focused on creating the donor recognition/area recognition within the labs using the guidelines created during the development phase, the donor recognition wall which needed to be adjusted with a stainless plate instead of red as it sat on a red wall and a vinyl identification for the lab that is placed on the glass door entrance to the lab.


Design Interface Inc.

Dimensional Lettering, Donor Recognition, Education, Interior Signage