West Jordan Library – Viridian Event Center

About This Project

The West Jordan Library is located on the South side of Veterans Memorial Park and shares it’s facility with Viridian Event Center. Stippich Design was brought in by the architect of the project MHTN Architects to collaborate on the design, fabrication and installation of the interior signage package and design of the Smart Building Kiosk which informs the public of the energy efficiency elements designed into the facility and dimensional identification lettering.


MHTN on their site states “Viridian is the color between green and cyan on the color wheel, and comes from the Latin viridis, meaning ‘green’. We often associate green with a verdant garden, and cyan (blue) with the sky. Most simply, these two elements are the design informants of this library/event center.


The green cyan (viridian) color was brought into the interior signage package through the color of mounting plates the gray signage faces are attached to.  This color informed the materials choice of a blue green 3Form material to build the design of the Smart Building Kiosk upon.  It wraps around the wall opposite the entry way into the facility as a visual element to draw the viewer into learning more about the thought and care that was put into the design of the facility.

Construction Firm

Civic, Dimensional Lettering, Interior Signage