Jordan Commons

About This Project

When Jordan Commons opened it consisted of a 17 theater megaplex, an Imax theater, a restaurant, and office building all together in one complex.  We collaborated with the owner Larry H. Miller Group of Companies, architect FFKR and construction firm.  The owner wanted each of the entities to have a distinct brand statement while still having a common identity that would tie all the entities together under the Jordan Commons brand.  The result of the collaborative process was to draw upon the history of the site Jordan Commons was placed to create a visual statement that would appear throughout the complex and a color palette to unify the entities while still allowing for them to have a distinct identity of their own.  The site had housed a school for many years.  The entrance to the school influenced the architecture of the entrances for the 17 theater megaplex.  We developed a visual statement around the entrance to the historic school that appeared throughout the complex to create a common brand identity.  We incorporated these elements into exterior and interior sign packages, branding and design elements for restaurants, theaters, and office tower.

Branding, Corporate, Dimensional Lettering, Exterior Signage, Interior Signage, Retail