Tanner Dance & University of Utah College of Education

About This Project

The Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts and Education Complex is home to the University of Utah’s College of Education and Tanner Dance Program. Stippich Design collaborated with Tanner Dance and the College of Education to develop, design and manufacture donor recognition walls for each entity, annual giving donor displays, and dedication plaque for The Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts and Education Complex.


Since Tanner Dance and The College of Education share the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts and Education Complex building they wanted the donor recognition in both areas to have a strong consistent similar visual language.


Tanner Dance has in their lobby a large mural with three figures dancing which became the design inspiration for the donor recognition packages. To replicate the dancing movement within the mural our team developed a framework that would be painted to reflect the three colors the dancers were wearing in the mural and flow and overlap with the same energy exhibited by the dancers in the mural. The framework is mounted to the wall to hold in place a series of Acrylite Green Coke Bottle transparent plates that overlap one another to create a sense of movement and energy by creating various shades of greens. The Donor names were placed on the Acrylite pieces in white vinyl of various sizes connected to amount of the donation. For the College of Education portion of the building instead of a multi color framework the framework is painted University of Utah red. The same intermingling of various sized rectangles makes up the framework to represent the energy of the College of Education students in the building.


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