Circle The Wagons – Porch Party

About This Project

Circle The Wagons connects innocent victims of violent crime to essential information and resources that will help them in the immediate hours after the crime, as well in the days and months that follow.  Circle The Wagons support helps victims, their families and friends with survival and healing, lets them know they do not have to face their situation alone, and helps them find the courage to move forward.


Vickie Walker founded Circle The Wagons after surviving the horrible ordeal of her husband and son being shot during the “Trolley Square Shooting” in 2007. Her husband died while her son was seriously injured but miraculously survived. For more information visit the Our Story page on Circle The Wagons website.


Stippich Design’s connection to this project was very personal as Linda and Vickie formed a friendship during their time working for the same national design firm. Our collaboration on Circle The Wagons Porch Party began in 2011 with the inaugural event. Our team worked with Vickie on the design for the Save The Date, Invitations, programs, and table identifiers for the event. We have had the good fortune and honor to collaborate on the design pieces for the annual event including this years which is the 7th Annual Porch Party. The focus of the design for each year has always been to capture the feel of the Porch Party with this years Save The Date using imagery from previous years events to tell that story.

Porch Party Evolution

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